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William Newton


My name is William Newton and I thank you for visiting my website.

Here you will find a growing library of original works composed by me which you can purchase and own for yourself.

I began composing as a hobby at the age of 13. It must have taken a great deal of self-control for my family members to encourage me to continue composing for as I look back at some of my first "pieces"... all I can say is my compositional talent has matured a great deal since then. It was much like the difference in playing an instrument for the first time and playing after several years of experience. If any of you are musicians you will know what I am speaking about. It's quite an experience listening to a budding musician, and quite an experience listening to them years later and hearing the world of difference.

I, myself, primarily play the trombone and the piano. As a young boy the trombone just drew me in. I suppose I would be lying if I said the appeal had nothing to do with the fact that you play by spitting into the instrument. Since then I have adopted playing the piano, euphonium, and most recently I have attempted to learn the violin. While my skill on the violin is FAR from my skill on say - my trombone or piano, it still brings a smile to my heart every time I produce a satisfactory note, or perhaps a screech that sounds as if from Hades (I never claimed to be good at the violin).

As a composer I began by composing simple melodies for small games I would create on my computer. Eventually, as my experience with music increased and my knowledge of musical theory matured, so did my compositions. I have been commissioned to write pieces for church, ensembles, etc.

Composing is a joy that I wish all people could enjoy. Expressing oneself with music is truly a magical thing.

With this I end my welcome letter and hope you enjoy my compositions.

Thank you!

W. S. Newton



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Surprise Upload

News 10.04.2012

Hey everybody! If you play violin or viola there's a new piece available to download for free. "Holy Grace" is a medley of "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "Amazing Grace" scored for a violin/viola duet. Hope you enjoy. - W. S. Newton

First Piece Uploaded and Available for Purchase!

News 15.02.2012

I am very excited right now as I have finally received my identify verification letter from the wonderful people at MusicaNeo! My identify has been verified (it turns out I DO exist) and my first composition is now available for purchase! :) This ...